3 Reasons Why Freshers Should Work at Startups Rather Than Legacy Companies


India is home to almost 73,000+ startups, all unique in their offerings. The ever-growing start-up ecosystem has learned to employ the use of technology to make work much easier and at the same time place importance on the mental health and well-being of its employees. At the same time, legacy companies, and organizations that have existed for decades and guarantee success are also appealing to freshers, thanks to the stability and guaranteed benefits they have to offer. This is why many fresh graduates remain in a dilemma of what to choose for their future. 

Fresh jobs at startups vs Legacy companies

In a constantly evolving world, the model followed by organizations and businesses has also been advancing and developing. Organizations in the present day can be broadly classified into start-ups and legacies. Certain factors help differentiate between these companies, such as the age of the staff, the technological advancements, and dependency on automation, as well as the method of conducting business. These methods could be old school and traditional or could be creative and innovative, unlike any other idea seen before. 

But without a doubt, the most essential differentiator is the quality and specifications of the product or service they sell. In the case of a startup, since they compete in a cutthroat environment, they are constantly upgrading and developing, which pushes them towards growth. Legacies on the other hand have certain established stereotypes, which are reliable but have limited innovation. This leaves such companies stagnant and with a low potential for growth. This is why freshers nowadays chose to look into and join start-ups rather than legacy organizations. 

TCS careers – A job at a legacy organization

No doubt Tata Consultancy Services is one such organization that is considered among the top 4 of its kind, with a reputation that precedes it and a guarantee of job security. Yet no fresher would prefer to go into TCS as soon as they graduate. Not only does it require a minimum of 5 years of experience for a good position, but the company itself is also saturated with limited room for growth and progress. While the older and senior employees are well taken care of, the same cannot be said for fresh graduates. 

This is why many freshers prefer to work in an environment that is welcoming and consists of peers of similar ages and experiences. 

Infosys Career- The grass seems greener on the other side

Another renowned organization is Infosys, a pioneer in its field. Known for its great work-life balance, and appropriate salaries, Infosys seems like a fantastic place to begin a career. But the only people who benefit from the advantages that Infosys has to offer are those with years of experience. They could be employees who joined when the workforce was sparse, or those people looking to restart their careers in the corporate world. While it is an enticing company to work in, it has no place for ambitious freshers looking to grow and learn. 

Why Freshers prefer Start-ups 

  1. This is why many freshers prefer to work in an environment that is welcoming and consists of peers of similar ages and experiences. The youngsters tend to understand the modern problems and issues they face, and collectively manage to provide solutions for the same in a model start-up. 
  2. A start-up offers endless opportunities. Since the workforce and resources are limited, an employee dons several hats, performs several tasks, and tackles various issues, all of which help in the overall development of the person’s professional skills. You also receive due credit for all your successes and failures.
  3. The best part about a start-up is the room for creativity. You do not work as a mindless robot in a tiny cubicle, completing the singular task assigned to you. You can create, explore, innovate and invent, with no limit to how far beyond you choose to go. This freedom has led to business blowing up and revenues increasing manifold. 

Thus, any fresher who is looking to make a headway in their career and professional life without working themselves to the bone, looking for a way to work creatively without curbing their passion and creativity, or simply determined, and aspiring to do well will agree that the place to be as of today is at a Start-up organization.