DIGITAL INTERVIEW- An effective way to revamp your hiring process

Gone are the days when you had to travel miles to give an interview for a job. With the current advancement of technology, in-person interviews by the use of video conferencing apps have permanently lifted the geographical barriers once and for all. Digital interview is now a common practice among...
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Freelancing Has Gone Mainstream in India Now

We are living in peculiar times. Gone are the days when job security was the prime demand of candidates. Today everyone is interested in working according to their suitable terms. Freelancing has taken the center spot. Flexible work hours, comfortable and unconventional workspace and a lot of focus on mental...
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How companies can use technology and analytics to revamp their hiring process

Hiring a suitable and eligible candidate in a company is the most difficult task for the HR team and the company. Great companies take great effort to ensure that they have a pool of highly skilled employees in their workspace.How companies can use technology and analytics to revamp their hiring...
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5 Points to keep in mind before extending your Corporate family

Skill verification is an essential part of the hiring process. Skill verification tests aredesigned to help employers evaluate the knowledge and the skills of their prospectivejob candidates.Processing skill verification helps companies to ensure that their job candidates, as wellas their current employees, have the required skills to successfully perform their...
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Future of Work Will Be Skill Heavy Rather Than Brand Heavy

Future of Work is going to be Skill Heavy rather than Brand HeavySince the outbreak of Covid-19 the present as well the future of jobs has been affectedtremendously. Covid has been a driving force for shutting down markets, businesses and othervarious instruments which generate employment.After the Covid era, the world...
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