Skill Verification

hiring process still archaic and running on unverified CVs

Is Your Hiring Process Still Archaic and Running on Unverified CVS?

Old is gold but not in the highly competitive and time constraint workspace scenario of the corporate market. In this workspace, changing with the times and adapting to new processes and technological advancements is a must to stay relevant. Well, employees and their efficiency and productivity in the workspace define the success of a company….


You Need To Identify That Skillset Gap Right at the Beginning of Employee Onboarding

We have all heard the saying, “Better late than never.” Although it’s a very meaningful phrase, but it holds little to possibly no resemblance in the fast paced corporate world. To put in better context,it means that a mistake must be avoided in the first place itself to ensure that the company’s revenues aren’t wasted….


Nobody Cares About Hiring Manager’s Pain Points

Hiring talent is a very tricky business. It costs the company a lot of money to hire the right employee. However, at the same time, the current hiring scenario has become quite insensitive towards the pain and increased manual efforts of the hiring manager. In this article we will discuss about the shortcomings of the…