Credoscore — Hire Through ML Predictions


CredoScore — Hire through ML Predictions

Hiring these days is a lot like a game of chess, but better. And it’s not the kind you play with a bunch of different pieces—you play with one piece, and it’s your whole future.


That’s right: Credoscore is that one piece that determines your future. It’s a new way to hire candidates, and it’s going to change the way you look at hiring.


It is created by machine learning, which means that instead of relying on a set of rules that make sense in theory but don’t necessarily work in practice (like most hiring methods), Credoscore takes into account everything that matters when assessing a candidate: aptitude, technical skill level, fitment with a company culture.


Since it’s built using ML — the technology that also powers Google Maps — it’s incredibly accurate. Credoscore doesn’t just spit out a number; it spits out an equation that predicts how good any given candidate will be at his or her job based on how good he or she scored on aptitude, skill sets and other factors like soft skills and cultural fitment.

Why does Credoscore use ML? 

Well, ML is a powerful tool that helps us solve the problem of hiring by making predictions based on data rather than just relying on intuition alone. This algorithm uses feedback of past candidates given by hiring managers to create an equation. Hiring managers score for parameters such as Ownership, Self drive, Willingness to learn and many more. Then the magic of machine learning will iterate an equation which would average those scores together into one overall score for each candidate. This score is called Credoscore which will determine how well you are likely to perform at your new job. It’s like a candidate’s dream come true—you get all the benefits of the expertise of hiring managers, but without the hassle or pressure of actually meeting them in person and that too through just one score. 

With this tool, hiring managers can quickly decide whether they want to hire a candidate or not by their Credoscore. Every time you hire someone, you need to make sure they’re a good fit. And that can be hard. Credoscore takes all the guesswork out of hiring with its proprietary algorithm that generates a score for every candidate you consider. The algorithm uses machine learning to create this score based on three types of assessment—aptitude test, skill level test and culture fit test and by looking at what hiring managers have said about previous candidates and finding patterns in those evaluations.


In this day and age where everything is automated, Credoscore comes in brimming with tons of insights for the hiring fraternity. One score to tell whether the candidate is fit for the job role or not, should have been a utopian dream but not anymore. With our machine learning algorithm making progress by each passing second, the insights on freshers will become sharper and more valuable. Backed by ML, Credoscore is turning into a phenomenon without which the hiring world will seem incomplete.