Is Your Hiring Process Still Archaic and Running on Unverified CVS?

Old is gold but not in the highly competitive and time constraint workspace scenario of the corporate market. In this workspace, changing with the times and adapting to new processes and technological advancements is a must to stay relevant.

Well, employees and their efficiency and productivity in the workspace define the success of a company. So, companies must take the pain to carefully screen and select the right candidate with proper skillset for the job. Hence, they set up talent acqusition or human resource (HR) team to carefully rope in right candidates into their company.

Before we proceed into the article, here is a thoughtful question that may tinker a sense of self-realisation.

 Are you still sending unverified CVs to your hiring managers?

Is your hiring manager unnecessarily burdened with unverified CVs?

Before you dive into the answers of the above question, let us clarify what an unverified CV is? The traditional form of CVs is often misused by the candidates to land them a dream job. According to the Indian Times, “Around 10% of Indians lie on their resume or CVs with bogus information about their educational qualifications and past job experiences”.

In the conventional hiring process, let us track down the entire sequence of events after which all the unverified CVs land up on the Hiring manager’s desk.

The hiring manager shares the job description (JD) of a particular vacancy to the talent acquisition manager. The talent acquisition manager will then share it with their partner recruitment agencies or they may go through various job portals and search for the suitable CVs.

The job agencies perform a simple key-word mapping and match the job description with the Curriculum Vitae (CV) of various registered candidates. Keyword mapping is the process of mapping your target keywords in the JD with the words mentioned in the CV. The fact that is often overlooked is, “matching of certain terms in the CV and the JD doesn’t assure that the candidate has the necessary skills to excel in the job in the long run”. Often candidates tend to be creative while creating their CV, they end up creating a lucrative CV filled with a lot of keywords which is nothing but a sham.

The talent acquisition manger then sends all the collected CVs to the hiring manager. Hence, it becomes the responsibility of hiring manage to actually evaluate the CVs on following three fronts:

1.) CV veracity- The hiring manager has to run through the numerous CVs and has to verify the authenticity of the CVs and separate out the fake ones. It is one of the most time consuming task the hiring manager has to do. It requires a lot of Individual effort and scrutiny.

2.) Technical skills- The hiring manager has to assess the technical skills and experience of the candidate by interviewing him. He/she has to invest again a lot of time to ascertain the technical skills of the candidate.

3.) Soft skills- The hiring manager must also look at the soft skill aspect of the candidate. It is often a tricky job to ascertain someone’s soft skills. It requires detailed observation and a lot of time to be invested in it.

If the above mentioned process is what you are still following to get your vacancies filled, then, yes ! your hiring process is indeed still archaic and inefficient. In a nutshell, hiring candidates based on unverified CVs is not a great idea. It unnecessarily over burdens the hiring manager with tones of responsibilities and take away their valuable time and resources of the company.

How to solve this problem:-

Hiring manager is the most expensive resources of a company in the entire hiring process. It is high time companies moved away from the old and archaic form of employee onboarding to more technologically advanced and analytics driven platforms. These platforms provide you with verified CVs which has gone through multiple rounds of screening and they are evaluated by industry experts. You can easily get access to a verified CV along with a detailed analytical report.

This means now your hiring manager can be well assured that the CVs which are coming to him are properly graded. Now he/she can take a context based interview to close the hiring process faster.This in overall terms ensures conservation of time and resource of the company.