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Become a sourcing partner to earn money

No customer acquisition cost

Get access to premium clients and work on their fulfilment requirements to earn money. We believe that our sourcing partners carry unique expertise at domain level and they should leverage their superpower in finding the right candidates. You can leave finding the right client to us.

Completely Automated

CredoHire’s tech platform offers unmatched experience to each candidate. Our automated workflows removes all the hassle associated with manual scheduling and mundane tasks related to fulfilment so that you focus on doing quality sourcing only.

Accountability & Transprency

Each and every CV uploaded by you is accounted for. CredoHire offers real time view and update on candidate’s hiring journey. No more wondering about candidate’s status, no more surprises.

How do we simplify your business?

You just do the sourcing and leave out rest to us !

Skill oriented sourcing

CredoHire broadcasts hiring requirements to you basis your domain expertise. Jobs are created by hiring managers at skill level and you source the best available candidates in a timebound manner for the required skills. 

CredoHire’s unique rating mechanism ensures that you get more business opportunity as you deliver better quality CVs.

Sit back and Relax !

Once you have uploaded the best CVs on our platform, just sit back and relax as CredoHire takes care of everything from this point. 

Candidates are automatically invited to create a profile, automatically shortlisted and scheduled for interviews. You track each and every update on your panel and get paid as and when your candidate gets hired. 

Our Amazing Partners:

CredoHire is proud to partner with the recruitment agencies who are leaders in their respective domains and industries. 


Our happy recruitment partners!

"CredoHire's approach to help the hiring managers by offering them only verified CVs is unique and disruptive. The value addition that CredoHire is bringing in, has been the missing link and will be a game changer in the recruitment landscape. CredoHire platform is seamless to operate and we get all the updates from the portal itself in a timely manner. CredoHire team ensures that we have a complete and detailed download on the client requirements which eventually helped us close the open positions faster"
Charu Alfonso
Founder, Trinity Hiring Solutions