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Hiring manager interviewing hundred of candidates is just absurd. Isn’t it? Why not unlock the huge human capital when it is possible for industry experts to evaluate the candidate for technical and soft skills. Hiring Manager can supplement that interview with a cultural fit round and re-evaluating the candidate within organizational context.


CredoHire two stage interview process follows scientific framework where interviewer talks for less than 10% of the time, asks critical and open ended questions. 

Interviewers follow a curated questionnaire which is specific and relevant to that function, seniority level and the skills required for that job.


CredoHire engines work full steam to deploy our scoring algorithm and deliver verified CVs appended with two assets; a credo verified stamp and a dynamic QR code. System also delivers a detailed analysis of candidate’s performance across various parameters in a visual format which is easy to understand so that you can take faster decisions. 

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Verified CV

A verified CV is generated by the CredoHire system only after it has gone through two stage screening cum verification process.

Stage 1 screening is a system driven screening where CredoHire algorithms screen and reject the candidates on the basis of CV parsing score and 10 other real time datapoints.

Stage 2 screening is a verification process called SME screening conducted by a subject matter expert who works with CredoHire as a freelancer and gets compensated for their time. Interviewers are empaneled only through strong references from the network.

Every Credo verified CV carries two assets: a credo verified stamp and a dynamic QR code pointing towards candidate’s profile fetched from the database.

Sample Credo Verified CV

Credo report framework

CredoHire follows international methodology of interview evaluation derived from the journal of science & technology. 

Analyze the candidate’s performance on various parameters which are relevant for the role on a spider web chart.

Credo report generates technical skills score, soft skills score and Credo score after analyzing 30+ data points. 

Sample snippets from Credo report

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