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Timesnownews : Most Inspiring Leaders to Watch Out for in 2024

Himanshu, an IIM Ahmedabad & NIT K alumnus, boasts a sterling career of over 8 years in product & business roles and has worked across global giants like and OYO. As Co-founder & CEO of CredoHire, Himanshu is reshaping the talent assessment industry with Generative AI. This B2B SaaS works a...

People Matters : CredoHire - Transforming Talent Assessment with AI-Powered Precision

In the fast-paced world of talent acquisition, Himanshu Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder of CredoHire, pinpoints the crucial challenge of identifying and nurturing potential. Traditional methods often miss out on untapped talent, focusing solely on past experience. The revolutionary solution aims to evalua...

ForbesIndia 100 to watch

CredoHire has been recognized and included in Forbes' prestigious list of the top 100 entities or companies. Being featured in such a list by Forbes is often considered a significant accomplishment and reflects the recognition of CredoHire's success, impact, or influence in its respective industry o...

Outlook India :Masters Of Innovation: Unveiling The Top 10 Brands Redefining Excellence

CredoHire is your AI co-pilot for talent assessment. CredoHire's highly trained AI models generate contextualized interviews which the candidates give to an AI bot over a video call. CredoHire processes the interview data to generate actionable insights around technical skills, soft skills and codin...

Unveiling the Impact: How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Industries

Artificial Intelligence (AI), once the realm of science fiction, has emerged as a transformative force reshaping industries worldwide. At its core, AI encompasses the development of computer systems capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. This includes but is not limit...

CredoHire Joins Leap Ahead Cohort! 🚀

We're thrilled to share that CredoHire has been selected among 75 top tech startups for the Leap Ahead Cohort Launch. The event's first day featured an inspiring inauguration with senior government officials and sessions on "Establishing a Product Market Fit" led by prominent investors and founders. The 'LEAP AHEAD Innovators' booklet was unveiled, showcasing profiles of the pioneering startups, including us! Exciting times ahead as we embark on this mentorship journey.

CredoHire Earns Coveted Spot in 'Top 100 Startups' at Leap to Unicorn

We're thrilled to share that CredoHire is part of the 'Top 100 Startups' in the Leap to Unicorn program by IDFC FIRST Bank, Moneycontrol and CNBCTV18. This unique program offers mentorship, networking, and fundraising opportunities for promising startups. As part of the 'Top 100 Startups,' CredoHire joins a select group embarking on a meticulously planned journey towards success.

CredoHire Secures 4th Place in HR Tech at India Tech Talent League! 🏆

We're thrilled to announce that CredoHire has clinched the 4th position in the fiercely competitive HR tech category at the India Tech Talent League event, hosted by Team Ontropi. This accomplishment stands out as we surpassed numerous startups, igniting our passion for innovation in the talent assessment arena. A massive shoutout to our incredible team, supportive customers, and valued partners who inspire us daily! The journey doesn't stop here – exciting times lie ahead as we continue shaping the future of talent assessment with cutting-edge Generative AI.