Nobody Cares About Hiring Manager’s Pain Points

Hiring talent is a very tricky business. It costs the company a lot of money to hire the right employee. However, at the same time, the current hiring scenario has become quite insensitive towards the pain and increased manual efforts of the hiring manager.

Nobody Cares About Hiring Manager’s Pain Points

In this article we will discuss about the shortcomings of the conventional hiring process and how it becomes a pain in the neck of hiring managers.


Conventional hiring process for hiring managers

The conventional hiring process involves, the hiring manager sharing the job description (JD) of the particular vacancy to the talent acquisition manager. He/she will then share it with their partner recruitment agencies or the TA manager may themselves go through various job portals and search for the suitable CVs.

The recruitment agencies if involved perform a simple key-word mapping and match the job description to the Curriculum Vitae (CV) of various candidates. Then it sends the matched job profiles back to the talent acquisition manager.

The talent acquisition manger then piles up all the so called suitable CVs on the desk of the hiring manager. The hiring manager now has an enormous task at his/her hand of evaluating these numerous CVs and find a suitable candidate for the job.

This is where the real pain of the hiring manager comes into the picture. The hiring manager has to verify three primary things now.

  • CV veracity: The hiring manager has to run through the numerous CVs and has to verify the authenticity of the CVs and separate out the fake ones. It is one of the most time consuming task the hiring manager has to do. It requires a lot of Individual effort and scrutiny.
  • Technical skills: The hiring manager has to assess the technical skills and experience of the candidate by interviewing him. He/she has to prepare some questions to ascertain the technical skills of the candidate.
  • Soft skills: The hiring manager must also look at the soft skills of the candidate. It is often a tricky job to ascertain someone’s soft skills. It requires detailed observation and a lot of time needs to be invested in it.


All this seems like a piece of cake until we keep the time factor out of the equation. Now in a scenario where there is intensive competition for talent acquisition by various companies, time plays a key role. A company cannot afford to lose a highly qualified person for a specific job; just because their hiring manager was busy in verifying CVs.

Filling urgent roles fast:  During the pandemic, the rush for hiring skilled candidates sky-rocketed. Companies targeted talented candidates who have proper technical and soft skills. All of this was done in a very limited time frame. This is where the real pain point of hiring managers comes into the picture. Filling an urgent role fast, if not done with care, often comes at the cost of a quality hire. Selecting quality CVs with real skills is quite a task in such short period of time, which can be solved if the hiring managers would receive only verified CVs along with an analytical report.

This is exactly where different hiring solutions driven by technology and analytics come into the picture

Modern problems, Modern solutions:

Instead of verifying and sorting out the CVs manually, the hiring managers can utilize technological and analytical tools and platforms to receive pre-verified CVs. These solutions offer CVs verified by a bench of trustworthy industry experts who are assigned with the task to interview and screen out the eligible candidates. They also look into the authenticity of the CVs and verify them simultaneously.

Now, all that hiring manager has to do is to take a context based interview or follow their internal hiring process and they are all set to hire the right candidate. This is a very targeted approach and the process not only saves a lot of invaluable time and money of the organization but also improves the quality of the hire and maintains the profit margins of the company.